The idea of ​​an open workshop reached other creative people, so that the INNWERK team quickly grew.

Das Innwerk Team

Hannes is our technical all-rounder. According to his own statement, he woke up one morning in a WhatsApp group called "Mietwerkstatt Passau". He liked the idea of ​​an open workshop so much that he quickly got involved from different sides. Hannes tried to find possible funding programs and set up a website in no time at all. As the internal spokesman, he is the contact person for all members of the association. If you dial the Innwerk hotline, his rotary phone will ring

Helps you with:
the Innwerk cloud, programming projects and electronic tinkering

Basti manages to develop grandiose solution ideas for a wide variety of projects in no time - preferably when it comes to subculture and crafts. He infects everyone around him with his passion and zest for action. Not to forget his open-minded personality, with which he gets to know people quickly and easily and inspires them for new craziness 

Helps you with:
workshops, construction projects and procurement of materials

Mathilda aka Tilli is our treasurer and takes care of the bookkeeping. When she is not managing the Innwerk treasure, she simply lends a hand where help is needed. It doesn't matter whether it's sewing projects, website content or fine-tuning the club's statutes. Her strength lies in bringing a different view of things into the discourse.

Helps you with:
everything about finance, donation receipts,legal questions about the association and sewing projects


Pepe aka Peppi is our specialist for bicycles and everything that makes noise. He can also be enthusiastic about somewhat lengthy fiddlework. With a good dose of optimism, he is the perfect partner for all crazy and seemingly impossible projects.

Helps you with: everything to do with bicycles, electronics, wood and sewing

With Julia you can be sure that the tasks you have taken on will be implemented perfectly. She is great at familiarizing herself with new projects. If she didn't have a plan beforehand, she is well informed after a short time. In addition, she is exceptionally good at formulating texts and knows how to deal with words. Her relaxed appearence is very enviable and often creates a haven of calm in our midst.

Helps you with:
workshop and cooperation requests, press work, the Innwerk website, art projects

Krissi ist unsere Meisterin der Nähmaschine. Sitzpolster nähen, Hose kürzen oder Patchworkjacke designen – alles kein Problem, sie zeigt dir wies geht.
Dabei freut sie sich immer über neue kreative Ideen und steht dir bei der Verwirklichung deines Projektes gerne zur Seite.
Als eines unserer längsten Vereinsmitglieder kann Krissi dir aber auch über die Textil-Werkstatt hinaus einen Einblick in die Arbeitsbereiche des Innwerks geben. Also wenn du dir bei Stoff und Co. häufig nur denkst: „I don’t even know män!“ – quatsch mit Krissi und profitiere von ihrer Geduld und Expertise.